Hall of Fame Requirements

(Revised June 2002)

  • Dog(s) owner or co-owner must be a Car-Dun-Al Member.
  • ALL Dog(s) must have a UD.
  • Dog(s) must have a title in another area other than Obedience or Conformation.
    Dog(s) must have at least 75 points from CDA’s Official Points Schedule, with the exception of a dog acquiring a title prior to 1994.
  • Nomination for the Hall of Fame can be made by the owner or any other Club Member.
  • ALL nominations for the Hall of Fame must be submitted to CDA’s Awards Committee before December to be eligible for presentation at the annual Awards Banquet (normally) held in the month of February.
    • ALL Titles received from the AKC, UKC, CKC, NADAC, USDAA and parent clubs will be recognized.
    • The Awards Committee checks points and title certificates. After verification the Awards Chairperson submits the committee’s findings to CDA’s Board for approval.
    • An application for the Hall of Fame must include two (2) 8×10 photos of the dog and a one (1) page biography/story about the dog. One (1) photo will go into the CDA Hall of Fame book and the other photo will be presented at the Awards Banquet.